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Looking for Pressure Cooker Accessories?

Many of my recipes call for the use of insert pans that fit inside the pressure cooker. These accessory items are central in maximizing the full potential of pressure cookery, and of course indispensable in my PIP cooking method. Many readers tell me they have trouble locating pans, and so for your convenience, I've gathered an assortment of accessory pans that are available from Amazon.


Miss Vickie's Guide To Modern Pressure Cookery

Current Blog Update!

Honey Glazed Herbed Carrots - A quick and tantalizingly sweet way to serve carrots with just a hint of dill. It's sweet and savory at the same time, and the aroma of thyme and dill will tickle your taste buds.

Blog Recipe Archive

Missing something? Maybe you'll find it in my blog, and you just might learn a few tips too. Want to know the secret of keeping peas bright green and tender even though they were cooked twice as long as necessary? See all my Pictorial How-To recipe guides by visiting my Blog and grab a few new recipes while you're there.

Corned Beef and all the Fixings

Penny Pinchers Navy Bean Soup

Savory, Herbed Three Grain Pilaf

Miss Vickie's Chicken  la King

Lentil and Arugula Salad

Nutritional Egg Custard




How-To Clean a Fagor Valve Assembly

Here's something you probably didn't know... when was the last time you dissasembled and cleaned the valve assembly on your pressure cooker? If you're one of the many users who never realised that the valve on your pressure cooker needs to be cleaned, this new Pictorial How-To article is for you.

My Kuhn-Rikon Interview

I've done lots of radio and print interviews since my book was released, and I'm very happy to announce that the latest interview is for Kuhn-Rikon. Please pop over and visit their website to read it and grab three more of my new recipes for a 3-Course Italian Meal while you're there: 

  • Italian Inspired Chuck Roast with Herbed Red Wine Gravy
  • Italian Parmesan Herbed Polenta
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes

How-To: Adjust the Flame

How low can you go? Unlike the old-style models that still depend on the outdated jiggling weight to control pressure, modern pressure cookers can rapidly cook foods at a maxed out pressure setting of 15psi while using a ridiculously low flame. This means you aren't hovering around the stove, constantly fiddling with heat setting. To find out more about how to properly adjust the heat for modern pressure cookers, click here.

Fagor Pressure Cookers Defined

Confused by the many different Fagor models... can't figure out which one you need? I know your pain. Use my handy new chart to eliminate the guesswork and pick the right pressure cooker or combination set that best fits your needs from this popular line.

Why Do I Soak Dry Beans?

Many people have misconceptions about soaking beans. True, soaking cuts the cooking time by 70%, preserving more on the valuable proteins and nutrients, and saving money by conserving fuel. Its also true that soaking can minimize gas, but none of these important benefits are the real reason why I soak beans. Find the answer...



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I'm thrilled to announce that my new cookbook, Miss Vickie's Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes, is in its 3rd printing, and remains one of the best sellers at. Amazon. Order it through Amazon and get a lower price, plus NO tax or shipping with a $25 order. From Amazon, click on the bookcover to activate the Search Inside feature and browse through the Index, or see excerpts and some sample recipe pages. Also see the Table of Contents, and the full index.

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My thanks to everyone who has purchased my cookbook! If you found the reference chapters useful, and you're happy with recipes, I'd be really grateful if you'd post your comments on Amazon.com.

Bonus Recipes

Bonus Recipes: Featuring Artichokes

Eveything you need to know about selecting, pressure cooking and eating this fabulous, gourmet treat.

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