What is a Pressure Fryer?

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There are a few recipes for "faux fried" chicken that only require to cup of oil. Spattering oil, as well as other foods such as those with a high acid content will shortened the lifespan of the seals. Just keep in mind that you should always follow the instructions and warnings in your owners manual.

Pressure cooker manufacturers DO NOT recommend using any amount of oil over 1/4 cup. The pressure cookers designed for home use are certainly not the same as the machines for commercial restaurant service, and they were never designed for boiling oil. There are, however, two exceptions, one pressure fryer is made by Fagor and another by Magefesa.

Fagor makes 4-5 different models of pressure cookers, but only ONE pressure FRYER and that is the Fagor Pressure Magic. This pressure cooker/fryer has an added safety feature consisting of a large, metal bar that locks across the top of the cooker's lid. Oil cooks at much high temps that other liquids and the locking bar provides additional strength in case of dangerous over-pressures..

Note the heavy, safety bar across the top of the lid.

Magefesa, rated number one in a review by Cooks Illustrated, also makes a several different models. They offer a similarly designed model, the Super Cooker with that distinctive bell shape and the heavy duty locking lid for safety. You can, of course use these models as regular pressure cookers as well.


Note: Any other models made by these two companies are no more suitable to pressure frying than any other brand of P/C.





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